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Blog Post created by InnoEnergy CommUnity Partner on 07-Feb-2018

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Water in Mynamar

Solar Lighting and Drinking Water for Rohingya Refugees

I am currently in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh volunteering with a fellow energy engineer (Cristina Mata Yandiola) to help bring solar lighting and clean drinking water to the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar

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Corporate Renewable Procurement

Introduction to the corporate renewable space, why it’s important, why it exists, and how exactly corporates are engaging in this space.

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 Member of the Month

Congratulations to Stefano Roveda, the CommUnity's January Member of the Month!! Your contributions to the CommUnity are greatly appreciated.

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For the Sake of Days Yet to Come: Personal Contribution

This article lands on the personal level - how can one individual contribute to solutions of such a global problem in a meaningful way?

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Hydro-kinetic energy

Federica Tomasini and Giulia Torri are working on their thesis that has the final goal of electrifying a small village in Togo (around 1700 people). They are facing two main issues and are open to suggestions of the members of the CommUnity to help solve them.

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