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A warm welcome from the CommUnity




Claudio Geyken 

CommUnity Officer


Claudio is the founder and director of the CommUnity project and works for InnoEnergy. He cares deeply about sustainability, equality and creating meaningful connections between like minded people to improve our world. Having studied the RENE master he is interested in particular in solar energy and storage. He's multicultural and loves languages. He manages the team of representatives for awesome CommUnity activities and events! He is excited about establishing links between InnoEnergy employees in order to achieve knowledge triangle.





Robert Pleticha

Online CommUnity Manager


Rob is a community organiser whose work has taken him from the United States to Romania, then France, and Spain. He loves traveling and believes in the power of communities to be a place for people to network, share information, and improve their lives, by coming together on the right platform. He is energized to be working with the bright InnoEnergy team to help contribute towards the strengthening of the community through managing and optimizing content on the CommUnity platform. Get in contact with him if you'd like to find out how to increase your visibility and involvement





Falko Döring

CommUnity Engagement Manager


Falko is the CommUnity Engagement Manager of our community. A position tailor made for him, because his passion is to connect people, business and opportunities for a purpose. The purpose for him is to live a sustainable life without jeopardising future generations. In order to connect, he encourages to share the values of entrepreneurship, innovations and sustainable energy solutions, to organise fantastic events and to have a meaningful impact. As an alumni of the master school ENTECH, his journey brought him closer to new cultures and languages. He enjoys sport, music and strategic board games. Contact him to get stronger involved in the CommUnity, to make your ideas reality!






Aleksandra Radwanska

CommUnity Officer Assistant


Aleksandra is the CommUnity Officer Assistant who supports the team in all crucial responsibilities. She successfully manages the time between working for the CommUnity, organising events as the CommUnity volunteer and studying SELECT Master Programm in Barcelona. Thanks to the obtained education, she wants to improve the people's lives in the developing countries by providing them with affordable and accessible electricity as well as contribute to the irreversible progress of the society by empowering the women.


Adriana Tamargo

UX Design Intern


Adriana is a product designer passionate about UX (User Experience), Design Thinking and Service Design. She believes in the power of design as a problem solving tool and fully supports the CommUnity's vision & mission. She is concerned about sustainability and convinced about the potential of the CommUnity to make a change. She loves music, art and nature and tries to make a positive impact in her environment everyday.

Sergio Paz

Marketing and Communications Intern


Sergio is the Marketing and Communications Intern of CommUnity. He is an open-minded and determined dreamer always on the look-out of new challenges. Very concern about the energy and sustainability issues nowadays, he wants to make a small contribution to this immense collective effort of promoting the vision of CommUnity. Believing that change starts with oneself, he leads a healthy lifestyle, loves good food, and never says no to new adventures.





Here are the CommUnity representatives who are passionate volunteers on their free time.



Tomas Baronas

Mentoring Programme Manager






Rudolph Santarromana 

CommUnity Post Manager




Laura Broleri

Lisbon Local CommUnity Manager




Leon Haupt

Barcelona Local CommUnity Co-Manager 





Chris Parker

Barcelona Local CommUnity Co-Manager 





Laura Perez

Stockholm Local CommUnity Manager





Camilla Wikström

Leuven Local CommUnity Manager 






Davide Garufi

Eindhoven/Benelux Local CommUnity Manager





Filippo Capizzi

Catania Local CommUnity Manager



Volkan Isik

Karlsruhe Local CommUnity Manager








Tara Trafton

Turin Local CommUnity Manager





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