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Purpose-driven community


We believe in the power of collaboration.


Want to make an impact on a sustainable energy future? Then the InnoEnergy CommUnity is for you.


Everything we do, ranging from events to programmes, to the platform, is driven by a mission to empower change agents worldwide by fostering collaboration, inspiration, career opportunities and challenge solving to achieve a sustainable energy future. Activities, discussions and debates are driven by worldwide CommUnity members who come from different disciplines and share the passion to advance the energy transition. 


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Achieve a sustainable energy future empowering change agents worldwide.


Foster collaboration, inspiration, career opportunities and challenge solving.


Worldwide, energy-focused sustainability, innovative, entrepreneurial, impact-oriented, powered by innovators, integrative, excellence-driven, visionary, passionate


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CommUnity Representatives


The CommUnity is made up of passionate and hard-working volunteer Representatives who organise activities. Representatives are the driving force that manages local communities and also programmes such as the CommUnity Post and collaborates with others around the world to accelerate the energy transition. 


Become a representative! Learn more here.



A wide variety of activities

Enjoy a wide variety of local events such as talks, co-creation sessions, training, and site visits. Attend the annual flagship event to meet others active in the network, while solving challenges, sharing knowledge and taking part in workshops to empower you.


See the calendar of CommUnity events or add your events here.




Benefit from diverse programmes:


Join the Mentoring Programme for uniquely tailored one-to-one sessions. (core members only)Use the Career Centre to recruit talent or find job opportunities from companies like Schneider Electric, McKinsey Insights, ENGIE and others. (applying for jobs limited to core members)Create or participate in Innovation Challenges to solve cases or to find new ideas.Read the CommUnity Post, which is full of insightful and thought-provoking blogs.


The CommUnity Platform is where innovators from over 80 countries meet to discuss and share insights on cutting-edge sustainable energy news enabling them to network in the digital world. Register for the platform here.



"I gave a speech at the CommUnity flagship event, AlumniUnite. I ended up working in a start-up which utilises a roadmap developed by CommUnity members. It was developed during a co-creation session and has been valuable in creating more energy efficient factories. "


Tom Huizer, Business Developer at Heat Power


"As a representative, I organised CommUnity events, now I help the poorest communities providing energy access in Africa. I find talent in the CommUnity and empower members through my blogs about our work."


Silvia Francioso, Scouting Coordinator at Devergy


“I recently gave a talk on the "Decoding Clean Energy for All Europeans" to the CommUnity Barcelona and participated in an insightful debate with the members there.”


Santiago Martínez


“I exchanged personally with CommUnity members at a challenge solving event, There was a very positive networking spirit between business and academia which delivered rich insights. We extensively discussed key topics, from technology availability to energy policies, business models and user engagement.”


Mário Simões, Technology Expert in Energy Storage at EDP Innovation

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